Public Cloud Hosting

Reduce costs and increase scalability.

Public Cloud Plans

Get expert, on-demand IT resources to help customers manage cloud applications such as data storage, security and monitoring. Each user’s data is kept separated and hidden from other users.

Choose Your Public Cloud Hosting Plan

Small Medium Large Enterprise Rate
Cores 4 - 16 8 - 32 32 - 128 64 - Unlimited $0.00278/hr
Ram 8 - 16 GB 16 - 64 GB 64 - 256 GB 128 GB - Unlimited $0.00278/hr
NVME Storage 10 - 80 GB 20 - 160 GB 5100 - 400 GB 1000 GB - Unlimited $0.00400/hr
SSD Storage 100 - 400 GB 200 - 800 GB 500 - 2000 GB 2000 GB - Unlimited $0.00125/hr
HDD Storage 200 - 800 GB 400 - 1600 GB 1000 - 4000 GB 4000 GB - Unlimited $0.00080/hr
Public IPv4 1 - 16 1 - 16 1 - 16 1 - Unlimited $2.50/month
Bandwidth 5 TB - 30 TB 10 TB - 60 TB 30 TB - 120 TB 40 TB - Unlimited $0.002/GB
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Public Cloud Hosting FAQ

Easy On Net will provide tools and services to help you manage your cloud applications such as data storage, security and monitoring.

A third party provider hosts on demand IT resources and delivers them to users over a network connection either over public internet or a dedicated network.

We take care of creating the software for your company so it’s hassle free. Cost effective solution as you do not need to invest in hardware or software. Improved operation on extensive networks. 24/7 uptime.

Unlimited scalability to meet user demands and traffic spikes. Low cost as you pay for the services you only use. Disaster recovery, reliability and flexibility.

Want to migrate quickly?

Transfer your existing application to our public cloud hosting services. We can help you choose the most cost effective public cloud solution to meet your budget and we'll help you get up and running.

Transfer to Cloud Hosting

Need more power?

Cloud virtual private servers (VPS) offers more CPU, RAM and increased security. Talk to a cloud VPS specialist today to find out related costs and determine the right solution for your project.

Upgrade To Cloud VPS

Pay for what you actually use. No hidden charges!

Our public cloud servers enable flexibility, scalability, reliability and with the security your business requires at a fraction of the price.

Integrated Caching

Serve web content to visitors quickly with our public cloud integrated caching.

Intuitive Dashboard

Manage your public cloud services using our built-in control panel.

Resource Management

Provision, allocate and consolidate with effective public cloud resource management techniques.


Automatic and seamless reliable public cloud hosting backup systems.

Data Mirroring

Experience real-time mirroring with high availability and redundancy on public cloud services.


Yes, our public cloud hosting packages offer Cpanel control panel options.

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