GA4 Migration

July 1st deadline to avoid data loss has passed.

Google Analytics UA becoming GA4

Time is Running Out to Migrate to GA4

Google Universal Analytics End of Life: Deadline to avoid loss of analytics data is July 1st, 2023. Contact us now to migrate your analytics tracking to GA4.

The time has come to bid farewell to Google Universal Analytics (UA) as it reaches its end of life. While UA has served businesses well over the years, Google has introduced a more advanced and powerful analytics solution known as Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

GA4 marks the evolution of analytics, offering enhanced features, cross-platform tracking, and advanced machine learning capabilities. As Google shifts its focus to GA4, it's crucial for businesses to embrace this change and prepare for the future.

At Easy On Net we understand the significance of this transition and can help you through a seamless migration from UA to GA4. With our expertise and support, you can embrace the future of analytics and unlock the full potential of GA4 to drive your business's success.

Missed the Deadline? Google Analytics No Longer Tracking?

We can still convert your old UA tracking codes to the new GA4 version. Get in touch with us now to upgrade your analytics tracking code and get back to measuring vital information about your website. Call us at 1-877-265-2469, or follow the link below to our contact form.

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